When did this happen in New Jersey?

By | September 13, 2023

The escape of a convicted killer from a Pennsylvania prison on Aug. 31 triggered a massive manhunt that is still ongoing as the man continues to evade capture.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers have descended on small suburban communities in southeastern Pennsylvania over the past two weeks with the intent of capturing convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante, 34. But so far, helicopters, drones and dogs scouring an ever-changing perimeter have failed to put the fugitive back behind bars.

New Jersey prisoners escaped

In New Jersey, eight people serving prison sentences have escaped custody this year and remain at large. All but one escaped from shelters and treatment facilities.

The latest two prisoners to escape from Garden State penitentiaries have Central Jersey connections. And two of the New Jersey fugitives who have been at large the longest also have Central Jersey connections, including the most infamous fugitive of the last half century.

New Jersey prisoners recently escaped

  • Pedro Sanchez, 34, of New Brunswick, ran away Sept. 11 from CURA, a residential community program in Newark. Sanchez was sentenced in Middlesex County Superior Court on Nov. 23, 2021, to 871 days for his second burglary charge. He is described as 5-foot-7, 200 pounds.

  • Lamont Harris, 24, of Elizabeth, escaped Aug. 10 from Kintock North Correctional Substance Abuse Treatment work in Newark. Harris was sentenced in Union County Superior Court on July 15, 2022, to five years for unlawful possession of a firearm. He is described as 6 feet and 270 pounds.

More New Jersey prisoners escaped in 2023

  • Dustin Jeandrum, 50, escaped Aug. 6 from Tully House in Essex County, where he was serving two years for larceny, burglary and eluding in Passaic and Monmouth counties.

  • Stonwin Gouche, 30, escaped July 27 from the Fletcher House in Camden County where he was serving eight years for involuntary manslaughter, resisting arrest and drug charges in Camden County. He was scheduled to be released on October 2.

  • Jessey Slater32, escaped July 21 from the Garden State Youth Prison in Crosswicks where he was serving five years on drug charges in Burlington County.

  • Kelvin Tyler, 33, escaped July 8 from the Kitock South Work Release Facility in Bridgeton, where he was serving a four-year sentence on robbery charges in Monmouth County.

  • Ramón Berrios, 52, escaped June 28 from Fletcher House in Camden, where he was serving a four-year sentence on a Camden County carjacking charge.

  • Kareem Reed38, escaped April 25 from the Hudson County Jail Pre-Admissions Facility where he was serving three years on a Hudson County aggravated assault charge.

  • Shadira Jones34, escaped March 10 from the Garrett House in Camden County, where she was serving a four-year sentence on an attempted burglary charge in Ocean County.

Older New Jersey prisoners escaped

Two of New Jersey’s oldest fugitives are from Edna Mahan Women’s Prison in Hunterdon County, including one on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list.

  • Joanne Chesimard, 76, escaped Nov. 2, 1979, from Edna Mahan, where he was serving a life sentence for killing New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster during a routine traffic stop on the New Jersey Turnpike in East Brunswick. Chesimard was convicted on March 25, 1977, in Middlesex County. She is believed to be in Cuba and is described as 5-foot-6, 125 pounds. She is also known as Barbara Odoms, Mary Davis, Justine Henderson, Joanne Byron, Josephine Henderson, Assata Shakur and Joanne Chesterman. She is also on New Jersey’s Most Wanted List and the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List.

  • Edna Harrison, 86, escaped March 20, 1976, from Edna Mahan where he was serving a six-year sentence on drug charges. She was convicted in Atlantic County on July 14, 1975. No description available.

Source: New Jersey Department of Corrections

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