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Treasury yields are rising, but that doesn’t make bonds a buy

Yields are recovering. Years ago, this was a sardonic observation about the bond market: Bonds are collapsing because of the inescapable inverse relationship between their prices and yields. However, future higher interest income from new purchases of fixed income securities only slightly offset capital losses on previous holdings. At one point, yields had risen so… Read More »

Tesla’s delivery estimates are decreasing. There’s good and bad news about it.

Text size Tesla will report third-quarter delivery data on October 2 Liesa Johannssen/Bloomberg The third quarter is almost over and Tesla There are about two weeks left until the quarterly delivery report. That means it’s time for Wall Street analysts to sharpen their pencils and fix the numbers. The direction of their delivery estimates will… Read More »

Tesla is the most shorted auto stock. Rivian and Ford are numbers two and three.

Text size Among the top 20 most heavily shorted transportation stocks, Tesla represents nearly 60% of the capital committed by short sellers. Brent Lewin/Bloomberg The UAW is asking for it Ford engine and the other two automakers with roots in Detroit for big pay raises and a four-day work week. The demands threaten to upend… Read More »