Latest from Danny Masterson: heartbreaking statements from victims revealed

By | September 12, 2023

Impactful statements from the three women who accused Danny Masterson of rape have been released, just days after the accusation That 70s show The star was sentenced to decades in prison. Harrowing accounts from Masterson’s accusers shed light on the emotional testimony that helped put him behind bars for 30 years to life. The news comes as Masterson’s wife, Bijou Phillips, was spotted for the first time following Thursday’s dramatic hearing.

Here is the latest news after Masterson’s ruling.

Masterson belongs “behind bars for the safety of all women…”

Jane Doe No. 1, identified only as Jen B., was a second-generation Scientologist like Masterson. They attended Scientology school as children and their families were close.

“It was the only community I knew my entire life until I was raped by Mr. Masterson,” Jen B. shared, adding, “I didn’t choose to be born into Scientology and its rules, just as I didn’t choose to be raped by Danny Masterson.”

Jen B. testified that she was raped on her father’s birthday in 2003. She dropped her daughter off at her parents’ house and met with a friend, who was Masterson’s assistant and fellow Scientologist. While she was there, she said she was drugged and violently raped.

Jen B. eventually reported the assault to the church “just as their strict policies required and I had been trained to do.” For a year she did what Scientology told her to do, including meeting her with Masterson. A Scientology official “said he would apologize and promise never to repeat such a crime on any woman if he only heard me describe in detail how terrible and violent the attack had been for me.”

“I naively believed in the possibility of redemption and agreed to talk about the whole affair. However, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t real,” she told the court, claiming that Masterson was “laughing and treating the situation like a big joke.” , showing no genuine remorse and no intention of changing. It was heartbreaking, realizing that the defendant’s insensitivity and lack of empathy and everything I said made no difference.”

A month later, after learning about another alleged victim, Jen B. reported the rape to the police. “I knew Danny wouldn’t stop, he couldn’t stop,” she told the judge.

Masterson denied any wrongdoing, but refused to speak during the trial or sentencing. The Church of Scientology refutes claims it harassed and threatened victims and denies having policies against reporting rape to police.

“What makes this situation even more distressing is the defendant’s refusal to acknowledge the severity of his actions, not just for me but for so many others. He has not shown an ounce of remorse for the pain he has caused me,” he said Jen B..

“Instead, he chose to laugh at my suffering and the horrors I had told him about. To complicate matters, he used our shared faith, our community, our religion as a means to cover up his crime and silence me.” , has continued. “It is deeply troubling that an institution of faith that is supposed to uphold justice and compassion has been manipulated to shield a perpetrator from accountability. The second time he laughed at me in that final meeting as I was describing him walking to the bedside table , I still remember him laughing and saying that he was afraid that I might drop the lamp on his bedside table and that he liked that lamp.”

Jen B. claimed that Masterson would need to be locked up if a woman “came into contact with him in an isolated environment, isolated from those she could protect him from, him isolated from those who now so easily claim they never seen that type of behavior.” of the accused.”

Another disturbing part of Jen B.’s victim impact statement concerned her daughter. While she was in school, Masterson allegedly enlisted one of her daughter’s classmates “to shame her and say that her mother was a liar and Danny hadn’t raped her.”

“I still remember the day I picked her up from school and from the backseat my daughter asked me, ‘Mom, what’s rape? She was nine years old,'” Jen B. said, claiming that Masterson admitted to organizing the rape. interaction during one of their church meetings.

“He smiled when he explained that he had bought the entire box of candy bars for the child’s fundraiser in exchange for delivering that message to my son,” she continued. “It was about a hundred dollars.”

Jen B. detailed the emotional and physical trauma she suffered from the accident. She no longer has parents: Her father died more than a decade ago, and her mother, who is still in good standing with Scientology, disowned her in 2020. (“She had warned me in advance that she wanted to see Danny Masterson brought to justice for having me raped, but not at the expense of her religion: their religion, Scientology.”)

“I lost my family. Our lives were destroyed. He took lives,” she said of the actor.

“Your emptiness and cowardice will be your true legacy.”

Neisha Trout, initially called Jane Doe No. 2 but who allowed her identity to be released after the sentencing, told the court that she “has been terrorized, harassed and had my privacy invaded on a daily basis by the Scientology cult for almost seven years” since then. reporting Masterson to the LAPD. Although she was raped in the early 2000s, Trout turned to authorities in 2016 after learning of other alleged victims.

“The lasting effects of rape are pernicious because they silently undermine the daily efforts one attempted to make for a meaningful life,” Trout said.

“Even though it’s been so long, what you did to me by hurting me emotionally, mentally and physically in this brutal way still resonates and lives in my body as bodily pain,” she continued. “The body is an implacable witness. I still have to come to terms with what you did to me that night, undergo a reparative therapy worth a lifetime, because every time I think I’m fine, that rape comes back to shock me that night. me, around me like a real physical pain to say Hello… you’re not done with me yet.”

Trout focused on Scientology, calling the organization Masterson’s “enabler and protector.” She said she had been “brainwashed for seven years at the time of the sexual assault.”

“When you raped me, you stole my ability to create some sort of true stability in my life in countless ways for over a decade, Danny. My relationships with boyfriends, family, and friends were increasingly strained and suffering from the distortion brought about by this event. of me”, he stated.

“My life was broken by an invisible tension that made no sense to anyone around me. No one, anywhere felt safe. By hurting me like this, you also hurt the people who love me because everything is delicately connected,” has continued.

Trout said Masterson takes “pride in hurting women” and said he hurt his victims “intentionally.” He stated that “emptiness and cowardice” will be the actor’s legacy.

“I would never want you to be raped or attacked in any way where you are headed now. I would not wish rape on my worst enemy,” she added. “I wish only the impossible, that you could see yourself with searing clarity, see all your actions, and sit there with the unassailable truth deafening for as long as it takes for your rehabilitation.”

“I was regularly mentally and emotionally abused and repeatedly raped.”

Masterson was convicted of raping Jane Doe #1. 1 and Jane Doe no. 2, but a jury could not decide unanimously on the third count of forcible rape involving Jane Doe #2. 3 (jurors were deadlocked 8-4 in favor of conviction), who has since come forward as Chrissie Carnell Bixler, the actor’s girlfriend of six years in the early aughts.

“I understand that, for many, it is difficult to believe that anyone could maintain a relationship like the one I had with Danny Masterson,” he began in a written statement read by the prosecution.

Carnell Bixler, who like the other women is a former Scientologist, said she was “repeatedly” raped by Masterson. She said she was “extremely naive and trusting” when she started dating the actor at age 18.

“I believed him when he called me stupid, talentless, embarrassing trash. I believed him, but I never stopped trying to make him proud of me. I never stopped thinking about how to earn his kindness. When he was kind with me, it gave me hope,” he wrote. “He made me promise that maybe if I could bear what I can’t forgive now, maybe he could go back to the person he showed me at the beginning of our relationship.”

She continued: “Now I know it was his game, the cycle of abuse. He hurt me. He ignored me. I crawled at his feet apologizing to him for what he had done to hurt me, then he…” give me kindness.”

Carnell Bixler detailed the trauma she has endured in the decades since her and Masterson’s relationship.

“I have been diagnosed with PTSD, general anxiety, and panic disorder. I have also developed severe trichotillomania. I have not been diagnosed with agoraphobia, but I can count on two hands how many times I have left the house in the last years.” years,” she wrote.

“I have physical health problems. Vomiting. I started having blinding migraines accompanied by visual auras. I go through phases where I have severe body pain, as if my nerves and part of my body are on fire,” he continued. “This and much more is the life sentence that Mr. Masterson and Scientology have given me.”

Bijou Phillips pictured with her brother-in-law, while her sister asks for prayers.

The Daily Mail obtained photos of Phillips being consoled by Masterson’s brother, Jordan, while out to lunch in Santa Ynez, California. The actress was with her and Danny Masterson’s 9-year-old daughter. It is the first time that Bijou, who is also a Scientologist, has been photographed in public since the sentence. The outing came as Phillips’ older sister Chynna, 55, shared a cryptic post on social media asking for “prayers.”

Masterson “always thought he would get away with it,” the prosecutor says

Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller told People that the judge’s prison sentence was “absolutely the right decision.”

Mueller said the actor was “consistent in how he forcibly raped each of his victims.”

“He secretly drugged the victims using an alcoholic beverage as a delivery vehicle, and then forcibly raped them when they became incapacitated,” he said in an interview. “This afforded him the opportunity to gain control and dominance over his victims while he carried out his violent attacks on them.”

Mueller noted that “it’s been a long time before ‘women’ get justice.”

Masterson’s attorney told Yahoo Entertainment that the actor will appeal.

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