It calls for official investigations by the police as more and more women come forward

By | September 18, 2023

More women reportedly came forward on Monday to make allegations against Russell Brand as the head of a parliamentary committee called for police to launch a criminal investigation into his conduct.

“Several” new alleged victims are said to have contacted The Times and The Sunday Times following reports of sexual assault, including rape, made by four women to newspapers and Channel 4’s Dispatches programme. The Sunday Times also revealed having compiled a list of at least 10 other potential victims whose cases had yet to be brought to public attention.

One of his alleged victims, a woman called Nadia, claimed to the Times that Brand had raped her in 2012 in his Los Angeles home and said she was relieved that she and other women had finally come forward because he needed to “be stopped”.

“He can’t hurt me anymore and I hope he doesn’t hurt anyone else,” she added, telling the paper how Brand allegedly “grabbed my underwear, pulling it to the side” as she “told him to get off.” her of me’ and she won’t get off” before “pushing into me” with “a glassy look in her eyes” as she ignored his pleas to stop.

Medical records seen by the Times show she was treated at a rape shelter the same day, while text messages between the comic and Nadia show him apologizing for his “crazy and selfish” behavior, even though this is precisely for to which he was apologizing was unclear. Brand, 48, a former BBC presenter who has appeared widely in the media and given evidence to MPs on drugs, now has a huge following on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. He has strongly denied the allegations, insisting that all of his sexual relations were consensual.

But, as further claims emerged that BBC license fee money had been used to pay for a car sent to collect a 16-year-old girl from school and take her to Brand, disturbing clips of his past conduct on his Radio 2 show they are in-depth. the controversy over his previous apparent tolerance of her behavior.

In one clip aired, he fantasizes about getting under the desk of a “sex bomb” reporter to send “hell” to her thighs and says “just imagine her in her underwear.” In another, she promises to send her “attractive” naked assistant to Jimmy Savile after telling the DJ, later exposed as a serial pedophile, that the woman was required to give massages as part of her job description.

As pressure grew for action against Brand, the Metropolitan Police said it had not yet received any complaints about his activities but was prepared to investigate any allegations of sexual assault.

Government minister Laura Trott urged all victims to come forward. “Any woman reading the allegations over the weekend would have cringed,” she said. “It is essential that every woman who has experienced something similar [what] has been described speak out, speak to the police, because this is how we will make real change.”

Caroline Nokes, chair of the House of Commons women and equalities select committee, said a criminal investigation was needed. “These allegations are incredibly shocking and criminal,” she told the BBC. “I sincerely hope that complaints are made to both the Metropolitan Police and the United States, because this deserves and needs a criminal investigation.

“For too long we have seen men, and the perpetrators of these types of crimes are almost invariably men, who are not held accountable for their behaviors and actions.”

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: “These allegations are very serious and worrying. The Metropolitan Police have asked anyone who believes they have been a victim of sexual assault to come forward to speak to officers.”

It follows reports over the weekend by the four women into crimes allegedly committed by Brand between 2006 and 2013, when he worked for the BBC and Channel 4 and acted in Hollywood films. The allegations made against Brand include a woman’s claim that she was sexually assaulted during a three-month relationship with the comedian when she was 16 and still in school. She described his behavior towards her as “grooming”.

The BBC said it was “urgently examining the issues raised” while Brand worked on his programs between 2006 and 2008.

Channel 4 announced it was conducting “its own internal investigation”. This follows claims that Brand stalked members of the public for sex while presenting Big Brother spin-off shows EFourum and Big Brother’s Big Mouth.

A researcher said concerns about Brand’s behavior were reported to production managers at Endemol, the company contracted by Channel 4 to produce the programs in 2004 and 2005, but were dismissed. Banijay UK, which bought Endemol in 2020, later announced it had launched an “urgent internal investigation” and encouraged “anyone who feels affected by Brand’s behaviour” to come forward.

The Met said it had not yet received any complaints, but stressed it stood ready to investigate any sex crimes reported by women, regardless of how long ago the alleged incidents occurred. It added that it will speak to the Sunday Times and Channel 4 to ensure that “all crime victims they have spoken to are aware of how they can report any criminal charges to the police”.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it does not have an open investigation into Brand over any alleged crimes.

Brand, who appeared in a sold-out show at London’s Troubadour Wembley Park Theater on Saturday, insisted he was innocent of any crime. In a video statement, the comedian said he was facing a “litany of extremely egregious and aggressive attacks” including “some very serious allegations that I absolutely refute” and suggested that “another agenda may be at play.”

Brand’s father, Ron, also today criticized the “unproven” allegations.

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