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Why scientists want to hear about alien worlds

The use of tiny microphones on NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars it has proven to be incredibly beneficial for both engineers and scientists. The sensors can identify wind gusts and even hear the crackling sounds of laser pulses produced by the rover’s instruments. Likewise, the swirling blades of the Ingenuity The helicopter on Mars was… Read More »

NASA extends New Horizons mission into the late 2020s

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will be able to continue exploring its exotic surroundings for at least another five years. The agency announced Friday (September 29) that it will keep New Horizons’ lights on while it is still hurtling through the Kuiper Belt, the vast ring of icy bodies beyond Neptune’s orbit. “The New Horizons mission… Read More »

Trio wins the Nobel Prize for Physics for having glimpsed the superfast-rotating world of electrons in a fraction of a second

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for giving us our first split-second glimpse into the superfast world of spinning electrons, a field that could one day lead to better electronic or disease diagnoses. The prize went to the French-Swedish physicist Anne L’Huillier, the French scientist Pierre Agostini and the… Read More »

Room-temperature superconductivity remains elusive a century after the Nobel went to the scientist who proved it at -450 degrees Fahrenheit

On April 8, 1911, Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes scribbled an almost incomprehensible note in pencil on a kitchen notebook: “pretty close to nothing.” The note referred to the electrical resistance he had measured during a seminal experiment that would later be credited with the discovery of superconductivity. But first, he and his team would… Read More »

Nobel Prize in Physics Won by Trio Who Created Rapid Flashes of Light to ‘Capture the Briefest of Moments’

Editor’s Note: Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advances, and more. The 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to a team of scientists who created an innovative technique using lasers to understand extremely rapid movements of electrons that were previously thought impossible… Read More »