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Microsoft revealed this week that Apple used Bing as a “bargaining chip” with Google, but reportedly considered buying it and bringing search in-house

Microsoft had discussed selling its Bing search engine to Apple, but the talks never got beyond the preliminary stage, Bloomberg reported. The deal would have allowed Apple to use Bing to replace Alphabet’s Google as the default search engine on Apple products. Details of exactly when the talks took place or the price discussed were… Read More »

Rich Americans are flocking to these states

SmartAsset: where high-income families are moving Families earning more than $200,000 a year make up only a fraction of all tax returns filed in a given year, but their movements between states can have a significant financial impact. When a state loses more high-income taxpayers than it gains in a given year, tax revenues could… Read More »

30-year mortgage rates peak, entering the 8% range.

Calculate monthly payments for different loan scenarios with our mortgage calculator. The rates you see here will generally not be compared directly to the teaser rates you see advertised online, as those rates are selected as the most attractive, while these rates are averages. Teaser rates may involve paying points up front, or they may… Read More »

The Evergrande tycoon crossed the red line when the capital funds ran out

(Bloomberg) — China Evergrande Group has swept away international investors, roiled financial markets and left thousands of suppliers in the lurch. Yet it was the developer’s failure to pay families who invested in its wealth management products that may have broken the camel’s back for Chinese authorities. Most read by Bloomberg Nearly two years after… Read More »