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Does placing your home in a trust protect it from Medicaid?

A woman stands outside the home she transferred to an irrevocable trust to qualify for Medicaid. An individual can protect their assets from Medicaid, including their home, by placing them in a trust. Essentially, the assets become the property of the trust and not the individual. This mechanism can reduce the individual’s assets for Medicaid… Read More »

Because the collapse of government bonds is worrying

By Yoruk Bahceli, Karin Strohecker and Dhara Ranasinghe LONDON (Reuters) – The world’s biggest bond markets are in the throes of another rout as a new era of higher interest rates takes hold for longer. In the U.S. Treasury market, the bedrock of the global financial system, 10-year bond yields rose to 16-year highs. In… Read More »

Now you can earn 6% on a CD or even more at these lucky places

For anyone with cash savings in the bank, 2023 was a great year to get a historically high return on your money. CDs, in particular, are paying stratospheric rates, with the prime yield on a nationally available certificate sitting at a record 6.00% APY. But some lucky savers can do even better. That’s because the… Read More »

Boeing stock was terrible in September. Reasons to stay invested.

Text size A Ryanair Boeing 737 plane is reflected in a window as it prepares to land at London Gatwick Airport. Ben Stansall/AFP via Getty Images Boeing the title had a miserable September. Even October doesn’t start out so hot. Is the decline an opportunity for investors? Shares of the commercial aerospace giant rose just… Read More »