Can technology stop India from wasting so much of its crop?

Kapil Jain’s father did not want his sons to become farmers. “My father had seen the hardships that farmers go through, so we all studied and moved to the city to pursue a profession,” he says. But Mr Jain grew tired of city life and in 2018 returned to the family farm, near Kota, Rajasthan,… Read More »

6 years of work, this is what driving means

See the full image gallery >> Goodness, it’s been a long time. Six years to be precise since the launch of the latest simulation-focused Forza Motorsport title. In that time, we’ve seen a whole new generation of consoles, two arcade-style open-world Forza Horizon titles, and even, surprisingly, the release of two Gran Turismo titles, Forza… Read More »

What to know about FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried trial

One of the most closely watched fraud trials of recent years is about to begin in New York. In the dock is Sam Bankman-Fried, who once owned a $32 billion business and seemed to have the world at his feet. The 31-year-old was a scruffy-looking genius guy who had A-list listeners lining up to support… Read More »

The Mercedes EQS SUV proves that luxury cars should go electric

A photo of a blue Mercedes EQS SUV with the Jalopnik Reviews banner below. There’s a lot to like about luxury SUVs. They pack in more niceties than most homes, are packed with pristine finishes, and feature more cutting-edge technology than you can imagine. Now, after spending a weekend with Mercedes-Benz’s latest offering, I’m here… Read More »